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Changes can be good things! When you have changes in your life sometimes they are for the worst such as loss of a job, divorce, bankruptcy/foreclosure, loss of a spouse or children, etc. But other times change is good! A new job, a new spouse, move closer to family, move to a rural or urban area, expanding family, etc.

When things happen to cause us to sell our home, whether good or bad, you need someone to come along side you and help. That is what we strive to do. Going it alone can be difficult and even cost you more money than necessary. Selling a home involves navigating paperwork, inspections, showing the home, closing the deal and publicity. 



Checklist For Selling:


Get A Good Agent - Not every agent is right for you. You need someone that understands you and what you need. We would love to help you with the sale of your home, if we aren't the right fit we can refer you to another agent that may be perfect for you.


Prepare Your Home - Properly cleaning and staging your home to appeal to potential buyers is a very crucial part of the process. Put away personal items and keep any valuables out of sight or remove them from the home. Repairing or replacing things that are broken or stained will help a lot. An agent with the experience of seeing many homes will be able to not only see things you don't see but suggest the right repairs that will add value to your home.


Know What To Do During A Showing - For a potential buyer to feel comfortable it is a good idea for the seller to leave the home during a showing. The buyer will be able to envision themselves living there much easier if no one else is hovering nearby.


Be Open To Criticism And Suggestions - Our homes are very personal to us and hearing others criticize elements of the home may be hard to hear. Remember that you are trying to appeal to buyers so you can get the best price possible for your home. Listen and take the action your agent suggests.


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